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Amphorae Caves

Paphos, Cyprus
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10m - 30m
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About Amphorae Caves

Amphorae Caves is a scuba diving site located in Cyprus. It is situated in relatively shallow waters, with depths reaching a maximum of 12 meters. This diving site features a large network of caves that divers can explore, adding an element of adventure to the underwater experience. One of the caves even features the remains of encrusted amphorae in its roof, which have been studied by archaeologists in the past. The visibility of the water at Amphorae Caves ranges from approximately 10 to 30 meters. This range allows divers to observe the underwater environment clearly, making it a suitable dive site for both beginner and experienced divers. The unique combination of archaeological interest and natural beauty makes Amphorae Caves a must-visit dive site in Cyprus. However, as always, divers are encouraged to exercise caution, particularly when exploring the caves.

Amphorae Caves Dive Site Characteristics
Terrain and Features: Cave, Rock
Entry Type:-
Max Depth:12m
Experience Level:Beginner
Visibility Range:10m - 30m
  • Various
Water Temperature ℃

Although we currently lack information on specific hazards at this location, their absence cannot be assumed. Your knowledge and experience with this dive site could greatly enhance our page – we invite you to share your insights.