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Burma Banks

The Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar
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22.5m - 67.5m
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About Burma Banks

The Burma Banks are a series of submerged rock formations and sea mounts in rather remote and isolated waters. This is known to be the best and most dived destination in Burma, a local and international favorite. These banks surface up to 15 meters above water and drops to more then 300 meters below water, making it a dive for advanced level divers. Here you will find abundance in corals, sponges and sea fans decorating these sea mounts. excellent display of marine life in abundance. This area is also known to be the worlds best shark diving area. These banks consists of several smaller banks, such as the Big Bank, Rainbow Bank, Heckford Bank, Coral Bank, and Silvertip Bank. Very interesting, exciting and thrilling dive. Much to see and explore.

Burma Banks Dive Site Characteristics
Terrain and Features: Drift, Reef, Other, Wall, Deep, Cave, Shark
Entry Type:boat
Max Depth:350m
Experience Level:Advanced
Visibility Range:22.5m - 67.5m
  • Sharks
  • Groupers
  • Cods
  • Rays
  • Various
  • Barracudas
  • Turtles
  • Whale
Water Temperature ℃

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Although we currently lack information on specific hazards at this location, their absence cannot be assumed. Your knowledge and experience with this dive site could greatly enhance our page – we invite you to share your insights.