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Regal Sun Shipwreck

South West Coast, Pakistan
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4m - 12m
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About Regal Sun Shipwreck

The Regal Sun was a ship that was sunk during the Indo Pak war in 1971. It now lies in about 20 meters of water roughly 5 kilometers to the west of Karachi Harbour breakwater. One can hire a boat from Keamari for roughly $60 to get to the wreck. It will take about 7 hours to get there. All three of the vessels masts have collapsed and the ship is now in two pieces with a large rock separating the pieces. The ship lists about 40 degrees to port. Most of the ship is destroyed with large metal plates on the floor, however, certain parts of the bow is still intact.

Regal Sun Shipwreck Dive Site Characteristics
Terrain and Features: Wreck
Entry Type:boat
Max Depth:20m
Experience Level:Beginner
Visibility Range:4m - 12m
  • Various
Water Temperature ℃

Although we currently lack information on specific hazards at this location, their absence cannot be assumed. Your knowledge and experience with this dive site could greatly enhance our page – we invite you to share your insights.