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Tioga Pit

Minnesota, United States
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2.5m - 7.5m
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About Tioga Pit

The abandoned iron ore open mine pit, deserted since the late 1950s, offers a unique aquatic experience for local swimmers and divers. Once bustling with mining activity, all mobile equipment, the conveyor system, and the crusher unit with the reject rock hopper have been salvaged, leaving an intriguing dive site. The east side of the pit is accessible from shore, ideal for novice divers, while the west side, accessible only by boat, also provides excellent diving opportunities.

Water clarity in the pit varies with the weather, typically offering very good visibility. The east side features a rock wall that descends sharply from about 18 meters to 52 meters in some areas and to about 40 meters at the north end. Additionally, there's a submerged mining structure starting at 30 meters and plunging to 44 meters, requiring boat access. This structure presents a fascinating dive, although visibility can fluctuate, particularly after heavy rains when sediment from the high dirt bank on the north shore washes into the pit.

At a depth of 44 meters, the visibility can be exceptionally clear, enabling divers to read a newspaper and see nearly to the surface on good days. The pit caters to a range of diving skill levels, from novices to advanced and technical divers, with its maximum depth reaching 65 meters. Although the contour map indicates a depth of 69 meters, the silt on the bottom, about 3 meters thick in some areas, slightly reduces this depth. However, most of the intriguing features of the pit are not obscured by the thick silt, offering an exciting exploration opportunity for divers.

Tioga Pit Dive Site Characteristics
Terrain and Features: Drop Off, Deep, Wall, Inland, Other, Night
Entry Type:boat
Max Depth:69m
Experience Level:Beginner
Visibility Range:2.5m - 7.5m

Marine Life

  • Trout
  • Smallmouth Bass

Weather Conditions

Stay Tuned: Weather Information for Tioga Pit Coming Soon!

Dive Operators near Tioga Pit

Dive Site Hazards

Although we currently lack information on specific hazards at this location, their absence cannot be assumed. Your knowledge and experience with this dive site could greatly enhance our page – we invite you to share your insights.


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