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Respiratory Minute Volume (RMV)

Respiratory minute volume (RMV), also referred to as the Surface Air Consumption (SAC) rate or Surface Consumption Rate (SRC). RMV represents the volume of breathing gas that enters and exits a person's lungs, on average, within a minute. This metric varies from individual to individual. Understanding one's RMV is essential in advanced dive planning as it facilitates the estimation of the duration a specific gas supply will last at a specified depth.

Cylinder Size (l @ 200 bar):
Start Pressure (bar):
End Pressure (bar):
Average Depth (m):
Dive Duration (min):
Your RMV (l/min): 15.1
Important Warning: The calculators provided on this page are intended for reference purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, divers are strongly advised to verify the output of these calculators independently before use. Always double-check calculations and consider all safety factors relevant to your specific diving conditions and experience level. Diving without proper verification and planning can be dangerous. Dive safely and responsibly.