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Gas Volume Calculator

Estimate your dive's required gas volume for the bottom time by using the Surface Air Consumption (SAC) rate. SAC rates are commonly measured in liters per minute (e.g., 15 liters/minute), providing valuable insights for precise dive planning.

Depth (m):
Bottom Time (min):
SAC/RMV Rate (l/min):
Estimated gas volume required (l): 1663.1

A typical scuba cylinder, with a capacity of 12.2 liters, holds enough compressed air to provide around 2676 liters of breathing gas.

Important Warning: The calculators provided on this page are intended for reference purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, divers are strongly advised to verify the output of these calculators independently before use. Always double-check calculations and consider all safety factors relevant to your specific diving conditions and experience level. Diving without proper verification and planning can be dangerous. Dive safely and responsibly.